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Getting A Fresh Start

Signing a document — bankruptcy in Columbus, GA
One of the hardest processes to accept is the filing of bankruptcy. After the hard economic times our country has faced throughout the past few years, we understand that times can get extremely difficult and that you feel like you are just under water in debt. You try so hard to get your head above water. But, it is just nearly impossible based on unexpected debt that has incurred. Many clients tell us, “I feel like I am robbing Peter to pay Paul.” This is not a way to live. We also understand that creditors can be harassing and difficult to handle when they are calling. But understand, there is help. There is way out. Bankruptcy can be a lifeboat that brings you back to shore when your finances are sinking. No, it is not going to look good on your credit; however, it is a chance to start a new. You will begin a better lifestyle after the process is finished.

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  1. Pretend nothing is wrong. Once debts reach a point where your monthly income is not enough, hoping and praying that nothing is wrong and that a miracle will come to save you is not a realistic solution.
  2. Borrowing more money, to use the old adage, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, only gets you further in debt.
  3. Letting your reserves and retirement deplete to nothing. Never use every penny you have to pay off debt as you have nothing for living expenses and emergencies. Using your retirement triggers a possible IRS debt.
  4. Deceiving creditors. Being honest with creditors will many times help. Often they can lower interest rates and payments.
  5. Being ashamed of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does not hold the stigma and shame that existed 30 years ago. Not only is it more common among high-income people, it also serves as the only option available to maintain a livable position.
  6. Going it alone. Bankruptcy is a very complicated process and should be handled by a qualified attorney. If you should miss certain deadlines and requirements, then your case could be dismissed. By using an expert attorney to file on your behalf, you stand a much better chance of being free from debt.